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To Begin with . .

To Begin with . .

This site is a chronology. Its beginning is where I feel my drawing practice reached a turning point. New text and imagery will be added as they are conceived and produced. For the latest news please scroll down or click on the page title. 2003 was an important year.Early that year, at a seminar and workshop for development in visual arts practice, artist Joanne Tatham leafed through my portfolio. Joanne was my mentor. A month or so later I began what was to become an on-going collaboration with Joanne and her partner Tom O'Sullivan. The first piece we collaborated on was entitledNo, this is the thing that has reached the limit conditions of its own rhetoric.

Simon Manfield in conversation with Joanne Tatham and Tom O'Sullivan listen to audio recording
On the 8th of MarchI read an article written by Giles Tremlett entitled Spanish civil war comes back to lifein the Saturday edition of the UK Guardian. This chance reading changed everything.…

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